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Dateline: 18 January 2000 Early Edition
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It's Award Time!
Having spent far more time than I should have, wading through more than a thousand votes in the 1999 Aardvark Awards and calculating the results to the last decimal place, I'm pleased to announce the results.

Unfortunately, due to the horrendous amount of time it's taken to get this far, the drawing of the lucky voter who will receive a free Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer no-ball mouse will have to wait until tomorrow.

Many thanks to all those who took the time to vote and if I'm crazy enough to think about doing this again next year -- someone remind me what I've said today -- please!

0867 -- Have You Been Charged?
If anyone has been incorrectly charged for 0867 use from a residential line, can they please contact me with some details. I've had some disturbing second-hand reports that I'd like to get confirmed if possible.

More to come!


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Load in new window Energy dot.com-uppance
Deloitte Consulting is warning energy companies they will face threats from new dot.com companies in the decade ahead...
NZ Herald

Load in new window Telstra and Fairfax talk internet deal
John Fairfax Holdings is negotiating to buy Telstra Corp's Yellow Pages and White Pages directories in a deal worth more than $400 million, which could see Telstra emerge with a major strategic stake in the newspaper publisher...

Load in new window Tune in to the virtual newsreader
A glamorous cyber-babe is poised to be the world's first virtual newscaster on the Internet...

Load in new window Credit card numbers exposed in security breach
Microsoft's SQL server has been the platform in a security loophole in the US in which credit card details have been exposed, news reports revealed today...

Load in new window Hacker gang suspected over Virgin bust, others
Last week's Virgin hackers are believed to be part of a British gang trying to blackmail Visa for 10 million...
The Register

Load in new window Vodafone moves to Bolster Internet Business
Cellphone giant Vodafone AirTouch Plc moved on Monday to bolster its Internet business -- a central plank of its hostile takeover bid for Mannesmann AG -- by appointing a senior executive to run its global platform and Internet services business...

Load in new window Australian Open Tightens the Net on Web Sites
Organizers of the Australian Open tennis tournament have threatened legal action against Internet web site operators who publish routine material on their tournament...

Load in new window Telecom shareholder throws open local loop
Telecom's largest shareholder, Bell Atlantic, has done what Telecom says it cannot - thrown open its local loop...

Load in new window Web Surfers Snap Up SmithKline, Glaxo Addresses
Glaxo Wellcome Plc. and SmithKline Beecham Plc., the British companies that on Monday announced they were to merge to form world's biggest pharmaceuticals group, could find their first choice Internet address for the new firm has already been taken...

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