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Dateline: 31 January 2000 Early Edition
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Gimme A Break -- It's A Holiday!
No major editorial today -- it's a holiday in this part of the country.

However, thanks to all those who wrote with comments on the Telecom-pager story. It looks as if this piece of stupid marketing on Telecom's part annoyed a lot more people than was first thought.

I also received an interesting email from a reader in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who discovered that when he dialed an "in state" long distance number using his local telco he got a voice message advertisement soliciting him to change carriers.

Several other writers said the voice mailbox on their cellphones had been spammed to promote another Telecom website -- and this was really aggravating because you're charged on a per-minute basis to clear those calls!

What next?

Will Telecom simply start dumping advertising messages into all the cellular secretary boxes on any month they're running a bit under budget? Think of the revenues... they could charge advertisers for the privilege and then they'd earn xx cents per minute from all those who are on those plans or pre-pay phones where it costs up to 99 cents per minute to clear your box.


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