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Dateline: 3 February 2000 Early Edition
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Keeping It Short
After yesterday's somewhat marathon piece I've made myself a promise to keep today's rant short.

First up some rumour from the streets -- apparently one of our "investigative journalism" TV programs is presently researching a story on one of the country's few Internet-based monopolies. This program is not known for simply dishing out dry boring facts -- they generally don't bother covering a story unless it has a degree of sizzle so the results could rock the industry a little.

I notice in today's headlines (below) that AOL is being sued for allegedly deliberately disabling access to its competitors services when AOL's software is installed. Seems we had exactly the same problem with one of this country's largest ISPs at one stage but nobody sued. Are we too easy-going I wonder?

Finally -- it's good to see that our politicians and law-makers are the only cyber-dullards in this part of the world. Australia's controversial anti Net-smut laws have been proven completely ineffective after one of the sites which would have contravened that law simply moved its hosting to the USA -- where it continues operation outside the reach of the prudish politicians. I reiterate my call (albeit I know it's falling on deaf ears) for New Zealand to take the reins in this area and kick off an international move to establish an international convention of laws which each signatory would agree to enforce across borders.

Unfortunately I fear that those in the Beehive will be far to busy patting themselves on the back for the wonderful advancement of local arts and culture that knobling TVNZ's move to digital TV will supposedly produce.

As always, your comments are gladly received.


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Saturn Communications is investigating the construction of a broadband cable that would run from Auckland to Christchurch servicing telecommunications and television customers...
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Load in new window Pacific cyber 'kingdom' selling passports in Kuwait
An Internet-based group which lays claim to an American atoll in the North Pacific has signed a deal with Kuwait to provide citizenship and passports for stateless people...

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Rupert Murdoch's $50m eVentures Holdings unveiled the first of about 15 new companies for the Australian market over the next year, with the launch of online credit manager E-Loan...

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Load in new window Down Under Smut Goes Up Over
Operators of a sexually explicit Web site in Australia find a loophole in the country's new content law: They simply move the stuff over to a U.S.-based server...

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Lawyers file a class-action lawsuit against America Online on behalf of 8 million customers, claiming that the latest version of its software cripples existing Internet accounts with rival companies...

Load in new window Hackers, Others Take DVD Complaint To The Streets
Hackers, open source proponents, and free speech organizations plan to take their beef over DVD decryption technology with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) off the Internet and into the streets this Friday, according to a press release distributed by hacker/programmer Website 2600.com...

Load in new window Brewery sues for its web address
Lion Breweries is taking on a Waikato farmer over his use of the company's Steinlager beer brand on an Internet Website...
NZ Herald

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