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Dateline: 15 February 2000 Early Edition
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Once more...
Sorry... following a night of email outages and numerous other problems -- priorities have slipped again!

Which reminds me -- I'm always interested in receiving "guest commentaries" from interested parties.

If you think you've got something to say which may be of interest and value to Aardvark's audience, please send it to me ASAP. No money involved but you'll likely become famous beyond your wildest dreams -- or something.

Before I get back to what I should be doing this a.m., here's a quote from John Sculley (ex CEO of Apple, Pepsi, etc), someone who knows a lot about hi-tech companies and how to foster the kind of environment that sees them start and grow:

"It looks like there is tactical talent in New Zealand. But you do not have tax incentives that others do."

This is a sentiment that I, and many of others have been echoing for nearly a year now. Isn't it a shame that our Prime Minister is too busy hunting witches at TVNZ to actually care about the future economic wellbeing of this country by responding to such an overwhelming and consistent call for action on this front.

I will endeavour to get an editorial out later today but in the meantime enjoy the headlines (again)...

As always, your comments are gladly received.


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Load in new window Hacker tapped into accounts, police claim
Police claim an Auckland software whiz hacked into at least 19 personal computers to glean their secret account details and threatened to damage one machine unless the owner stopped using Telecom's Xtra Internet service...
NZ Herald

Load in new window Ihug hit by hackers
Internet hackers have tried to shut down one of New Zealand's most popular Internet companies, Ihug...
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Load in new window Olympic hack attack threat
AUSTRALIA may become electronically isolated from the rest of the world during the Olympic Games unless critical Internet links are protected against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, authorities have been warned...
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Space.com CEO Lou Dobbs is miffed with those using last week's hacking attacks as a rationale for Net regulation. The real threat, he says, is in restricting freedom on the Net...

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Had enough Linux mania? It's time to give another freeware, open-source application its due: the long-lived and mighty Apache server. It just might finally catch on, too...

Load in new window FBI hunts German hacker 'Mixter'
As FBI tracks the author of a program linked to last week's attack, the wanted hacker posts fix-it guidelines to ward off future Web takedowns...

Load in new window Network Associates Detects Web Attack Agents
Internet security firm Network Associates Inc. on Monday said it had detected each of the three major ``Zombie'' agents, which have been attacking well known Web sites such as Yahoo! and Amazon.com...

Load in new window Internet Ad Firm Moves to Clarify Privacy Policy
Internet advertising firm DoubleClick Inc. later on Monday will announce steps to protect the privacy of consumers it tracks online, as the company seeks to defuse a looming controversy...

Load in new window Swiss To Examine Microsoft Pricing
A Swiss government regulator said Monday he has opened an investigation to determine whether Microsoft Corp. products are being sold here at prices unfavorable to consumers...

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