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Dateline: 21 February 2000 Early Edition
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Media Spotlight Falls On The Net
Mid-Day Update
I've checked with TV1 and it appears that this week's spot on the Holmes Show contains no reference to the O'Brien vs Brown defamation suit.

However, it would appear that there is some interest from TV1 in the details and background surrounding this matter.

Stay tuned for developments.

Some of you may have noticed TV1 running a promo for an edition of the Holmes program to be screened this week -- possibly tonight.

Those who were quick enough would have recognised the inimitable Danny de Hek's face and that of Jim Higgins from ISOCNZ.

Since the subject of the report is apparently "Defamation on the Net" it will be extremely interesting to see whether it is simply serendipity that it airs at a time when ISOCNZ, through its ownership of Domainz and the voiced support of its chairman and council, is a defacto party to the defamation action being brought against Alan Brown.

It appears that the section involving Danny was filmed a couple of weeks ago, but perhaps the footage with Jim Higgins was filmed more recently -- I'll be endeavouring to find out today.

Certainly, if not already a part of the item, the details surrounding the suit against Alan Brown would make a very interesting sequel to the advertised piece.

I'm sure that huge numbers of the Net community and industry will be watching the Holmes report and I dare say the objectivity and balance used to present the report will have a huge effect on people's opinions of TV1's credibility in the news and current events arena.

A minefield for all concerned perhaps?

As always, your comments are gladly received.


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