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Dateline: 24 March 2000 Early Edition
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Affiliate Pigs
The Flying Pig has announced the launch of its affiliate scheme which allows other NZ websites to have a go at earning some money from the traffic that flows through their pages.

They're drawing the obvious comparisons with the affiliate scheme operated by that king of the online bookstores Amazon.com.

Given that comparison, I wonder whether they have read this story?

I was sent some material on the program -- but for Christ's sake -- when will people learn -- the whole world doesn't revolve around files created with Microsoft Word! The email did suggest that I could request the information by fax or regular email -- which I did. But nothing arrived :-(

A tip for PR companies and those planning to send out their own press release material across the Net...

Neither I, nor many of the other writers I've spoken to, give a stuff about fancy formating, "powerful" images or a striking use of fonts in the delivery of PR announcements. All we want is the plain old ASCII text in an easy-to-read and easy-to-edit format so that those of us who choose, for reasons of security or reliability, not to use a Windows-based platform with MS Office, can read excerpt or edit as required without stuffing about with a special reader program.

If you MUST waste time producing something that's a visual delight -- what's wrong with putting it on a webpage and sending out a nice concise email that contains the URL? (and if you want to keep the detains embargoed -- an ID/Password)

That's a whole lot more efficient and convenient, bulky, and annoying than emails with a raft of overstuffed attachments.

As a result of this stuff-up... I can't really tell you much about the Pig's new affiliate scheme.

Still I guess that's what you get for not attending the official media release -- complete with Devonshire tea. I'm afraid that I seldom have time to attend these kind of presentations (although I always enjoy being invited) so having the information readily available through the Net is critical if the originators want some informed coverage from this direction.

I checked the Flying Pig Site this morning at around 7:00am and found no obvious mention of the affiliate scheme -- so who knows what it's all about and should we care?

ISP Blocking New Free ISP Website?
I've had a couple of emails from people who claim that their ISP is blocking access to one of the new Free ISP services.

At this stage I'm not going to name the ISP or the free service because, for all I know, it could be a piece of "covert marketing" by the operator concerned and I've not had time to verify the claims of the writers.

Suffice to say -- if it's true then I'll be following up with some commentary on the matter next week.

The Anderton Factor
Guess what?

No... I haven't received any contact from our Minister of Economic Development -- but I did receive another email from the parliamentary worker who appears to have taken ownership of the situation and who I thank for his efforts to date.

He advises me that "due to a one-off "glitch" in the computer system at Parliament your message sent last Thursday to Mr Anderton did not reach the person who checks e-mail messages on behalf of Mr Anderton."

However, I'm now informed that this person who reads Mr Anderton's email for him (and, for all I know, also holds his hand when he crosses the road) is now in possession of the message.

I guess, based on the elapsed time to date and the problems that our parliament seems to have with this "new fangled technology stuff", we'd not get very good odds from the TAB in respect to our chances of actually seeing some positive action to foster a "new economy" any time soon.

It has now been EIGHT days since I sent my email to Jim Anderton with suggestions on how to encourage the "new economy" and requesting a reply from our Minister of Economic Development.

Still No response from the minister.

Free republication rights available on request

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