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Dateline: 12 April 2000 Early Edition
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There might be a story here...
Sorry folks, I'm chasing up a lead this morning that could produce an interesting story later in the week -- but it's left me with no time for today's editorial.

So... just follow the headline links below.

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Load in new window Judge reserves i4free decision
Justice Potter reserved her decision in the bitter dispute between Telecom and free internet provider i4free yesterday, while Clear moved on a new injunction...
NZ Herald

Load in new window Money-for-surf company pays up
The "infomediary" AllAdvantage, which pays people to surf the Web, appears to be paying its New Zealand members promptly after an initial delay...

Load in new window E-tailers face porn squeeze
They're meant to stymie online pornographers, but new guidelines by Visa and MasterCard are also hurting legitimate e-tailers...

Load in new window Companies warned to grasp legal implications of e-commerce
Many companies trading over the Internet do not fully understand the legal framework in which they work or how it affects their business, a conference exploring the legal implications of e-commerce has been told...

Load in new window Consortium tests high-speed HDTV over IP network
A consortium of three companies has trialled streaming high-speed, high-definition television delivered via corporate data networks or the Internet...

Load in new window WSJ Mysteriously Pulls Microsoft Story
Mystery surrounds the reasons why the Wall Street Journal pulled a story from its Interactive Edition Monday...

Load in new window GartnerGroup Predicts Dot-Com Doom And Gloom
"We believe that the vast majority -- perhaps 95 to 98 percent -- of all dot-com companies will fail over the next 24 months," said Michael Fleisher, president and CEO of GartnerGroup...

Load in new window French Group Takes Yahoo to Court Over Nazi Site
A Paris-based anti-racism group said Tuesday it was taking Internet portal Yahoo! Inc to court over the sale of Nazi memorabilia on one of the Web sites it hosts...

Load in new window Cellphone Big Three in Net Security Pact
The world's top three mobile phone manufacturers teamed up on Tuesday in an attempt to secure the growth of e-commerce by developing an open, global industry framework for safer and simpler business over cellphones...

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