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Dateline: 27 April 2000 Early Edition
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Cyber Republics Rule?
Critics talk about cyberspace as a virtual no-man's-land where legal jurisdiction and the authority to control and regulate are often difficult to establish.

In short -- an anarchist's paradise.

And, if the CNet article referenced by the first headline (below) is anything to go by, at least a handful of Net users are getting a little fed up with the way that governments and other "big brothers" seem determined to exert their power over the previously untamed new frontier that is/was the Net.

It will be interesting to see whether governments and their laws will be able to control this subculture and "Free Net" enterprise.

Meantime I'm getting ready to declare my own republic. Yes -- I've had enough of being bullied about by these political trough-dwellers who rely on the stupidity and gullibility of your average voter in order to give them a franchise on power.

I've decided to cede from the nation and run my own affairs in totality.

Yes, I'll pay for the use of New Zealand's roads, libraries, healthcare and any other tax-funded services on a user-pays full-cost of provision basis -- should I need to avail myself of their presence, and I'll happily enter into defense and trade treaties with NZ.

Unfortunately, although I've spent quite some time trawling around the various government websites, I can't seem to find the right form for filing my intent.

Maybe I'll have to email Jim Anderton again -- he'll know where to get such a document.

Of course I'll have to think up a name that will provide a really catchy top-level-domain abreviation so that I can earn vast amounts of money by running a registry (in monopoly form naturally) -- does anyone have any good ideas?

Free republication rights available on request

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Load in new window Free, anonymous information on the anarchists' Net
Clarke and a growing group of allied programmers are creating a kind of parallel Internet called "Freenet," where censorship is impossible, surfers are anonymous, and content is moved and hosted automatically to points near the people who want it...

Load in new window Despite new policies, illegal goods still on big auction sites
Six months after Amazon.com said it would crack down on illegal weapons sales, buyers there can still pick up everything from "nunchaku" sticks to switchblade knives...

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As the Internet becomes more accessible, more governments may try to control online news agencies by creating restraints to online communication, a pro-democracy group is warning...

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TELSTRA has suspended 27 employees for allegedly downloading and distributing pornography over the Internet...
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Attackers found a way to knock AboveNet's routers senseless for several hours Tuesday morning. But the company downplayed fears that similar attacks could spread to other providers...

Load in new window One Hot Domain For Sale
The Internet domain, Hell.com, is for sale. The site is registered by studioA8, Santa Monica, Calif., and the sale is being handled by a Pompano Beach, Fla., domain names brokerage, which on Tuesday said it expects the name to sell for more than $8 million...

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