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Dateline: 2 May 2000 Early Edition
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Another (Domain Name) Gunfight Brewing
eVentures, (the new hi-tech venture capital company that can't even build a website that displays properly on either of my PCs equipped with Flash 3 and Netscape 4.x -- and which doesn't even give me the choice of selecting an HTML version when using IE4) look as if they're preparing to sue the stuffing out of the owners of the domain eloan.co.nz.

eloan.co.nz is is presently registered to Parker's Edge Limited and, according to the eVentures prospectus there are "pending proceedings" because PEL has refused to relinquish the name to eVentures.

So... who's in the right this time?

Sounds like a pretty clear-cut case of trademark infringement right?

Don't be so hasty. The trademark used by e-loan is "e-loan" (note the hyphen), the company which has registered the name is "E-Loan Inc." and the domain name they've been using to date is "eloan.com."

Of course it could be argued that eloan.co.nz is just too similar to eloan.com and, since PEL are in the loans business, it could lead to confusion in the marketplace.

But then one must ask whether eVentures will be demanding that Sovereign Finance Ltd will be handing over the name eloans.co.nz for the same reasons?

Or maybe e-loans.co.nz?

Looks like at least two lawyers will be heading off to the BMW showroom to check out their new cars soon.

Republic Update
I received another response from the government regarding my plan to secede from the nation and form my own republic so as to get around all the endless red-tape, bureaucracy and penalties placed in the way of hi-tech new-economy startups.

The Crown Law Office said they don't know how I'd go about seceding so I should ask my local MP.

What do we pay these people for if not to know the law?

And what's the point in emailing my local MP if all I'm going to get back is another note advising me that our tiny-minded "live in the past" ministers can't cope with this new-fangled technology?

This republic option is looking better and better every day.

Free republic-ation rights available on request :-)

Currently Under Test -- Feedback Welcomed


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