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Dateline: 10 May 2000 Early Edition
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Buffoonery -- Is This Proof?
I'm going to make a very bold and sweeping statement that, given a certain executive's propensity to sue, could even result in defamation action:

"Domainz doesn't even know what day of the week it is."

but I'm safe -- because the proof could be seen on the Domainz website at 6:30 am this morning (read it carefully).

I've also been reliably informed that Patrick O'Brien seems incapable of correctly addressing his email. It would appear that he recently "guessed" the domain name of a customer and the messages, which could have contained sensitive commercial information, ended up at entirely the wrong place.

Bufoonery? You decide -- although ultimately I suspect the matter will be resolved in a courtroom -- at Mr O'Brien's insistence no less. How embarrassing might that be I wonder?

The Australian INCIS?
Politicians and bureaucrats are a breed largely unaltered by geographical divides. The proof of this assertion can be found across the ditch in Australia where they appear to be having their own version of the INCIS blow-out.

Completely Off-Topic
Just a personal observation this morning -- the government has raised the price of cigarettes by $1 a pack and it's been suggested that the tobacco industry will equal this increase to bring the total price hike closer to $2 per pack.

I'm wondering if this will not drive an increasing number of nicotine-addicted low-income earners to take up dope instead?

While I'm all in favour of pricing tobacco off the market and taxing recreational drugs such as tobacco and alcohol rather than hard work -- I really think the government has (yet again) gone off half-cocked, without thinking through the possible ramifications and long-term effects of this move.

Free republic-ation rights available on request :-)

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Load in new window Investigators Forced To Release Alleged Virus Writer
Philippine investigators, frustrated by a lack of evidence and claims by a number of security consultants that they had arrested the wrong man, have been forced to release Reomel Ramones, the 27-year-old man suspected of launching the ILOVEYOU virus...

Load in new window New Domainz system should arrive by midday
The .nz domain is due to regain a working registry by midday today, when the new Domainz Registry System should be opened to the public...

Load in new window Solution 6 CEO says media misrepresented his personal history
Solution 6 Holdings chief executive officer Chris Tyler has criticised journalists for recent reports which he said misrepresented his personal history...

Load in new window Yahoo, others move to diffuse email password-stealing threat
Free email Web sites are scrambling to protect account holders from an exploit that could trick them into handing over their passwords...

Load in new window Gamers can gloat online over Sega phones
Sega wants to make sure you can tackle your friends online and then let them hear you gloat afterwards...

Load in new window Gates Trumpets Smart Card Transformation
Gates says smart cards are the key to security on the ever-growing transactional Internet...

Load in new window Internet Frenzy Drives 25-Cent Painting to $135,805
A ``wild abstract painting'' bought at a garage sale and auctioned off over the Internet with a starting bid of 25 cents sold for $135,805 after sparking a frenzy among bidders hoping it was an undiscovered work by the late modernist master Richard Diebenkorn...

Load in new window Intel plans aggressive 'Willamette' intro
The eventual replacement for the Pentium is scheduled to come to market in the second half of the year...

Load in new window Real Cybersquatting Really Sucks
When Bell Atlantic and Vodafone launched their wireless entity they thought they were prepared for any negativity that might come down the pike. But they didn't count on someone registering the domain name verizonreallysucks.com...

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