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Dateline: 12 May 2000 Early Edition
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Buffoonz -- The Saga Continues!
Yes, the sad, sad saga of the new Domainz registry continues to unfold.

IDG has good coverage today (hell they even picked up on some of the stuff I published yesterday regarding the list of registrars that was pulled from the Domainz site :-)

During the past 24 hours I've received a good number of emails from "Agents" (or are the "Registrars" -- even Domainz doesn't really seem to know) who are battling with this new piece of buffoonware.

Peter Mott from 2Day.com has even offered to step in and do things the way they should have been done to start with -- however, given the current administration of both Domainz and ISOCNZ there would seem little chance of such commonsense prevailing.

But -- it could be unfair to lay all the blame on the shoulders of the mastermind behind this system -- after all, it was built by the same people who tried to bring you an incredibly slick, ergonomic, well thought out and extremely popular Listener site -- but who instead delivered one of the worst pieces of web implementation we'd seen in a long while.

Even today -- long after the site was launched, its horrible and user-unfriendly forums remain incredibly cumbersome and unpopular.

Mind you -- I guess that does point back to the competence of whoever decided to employ the services of an organisation with such an "interesting" track record. I would have thought, given the significant role that the registry plays in the NZ Internet infrastructure, Domainz could have looked a little harder before allocating the job.

But wait.. the buffoonery continues!

You may recall that I mentioned how Domainz seemed to be happy to send email to the wrong addresses and that there was a very real risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands?

Well guess what -- I have discovered that there's at least one domain name owner out there who could have had their domain details modified with consummate ease thanks to yet another email addressing screw-up.

If you have a domain name registered in the .nz namespace then please be warned that the password for accessing and changing your details might end up being sent to someone completely unrelated to your organisation.

Domainz -- perhaps you should check the accuracy of the addresses to which you're emailing sensitive information before you hit the send button --before you really upset someone!

Scratching For Readers?
Believe it or not, that business news publisher that never did work out how to run an online news site has published the name of the policeman at the center of the Waitara shooting.

My -- how things have changed when the online world has better ethics than a member of the established print publishing industry.

Based on the feedback that flooded in when I noted that Aardvark would not be publishing or linking to the cop's name, I'd say that the NBR have won themselves few friends by moving into "tabloid mode."

I don't care how they want to try and justify the publication of this information, it will still be seen by many as a cheap (and nasty) shot.

Microsoft and Email Part 3
Yes... "yet againTM", and for the third time this week alone, the words "Microsoft" and "email" are coming together in another bad-news story.

I was going to include the story here but there's not enough room because there are other issues that need coverage today. Suffice to say -- it looks as if you're a spammer then Microsoft now have a brilliant service at your disposal -- and it's even free!

Details on Monday.

Free republic-ation rights available on request :-)

Currently Under Test -- Feedback Welcomed


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