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Dateline: 22 May 2000 Early Edition
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Team NZ And NZ's Hi-Tech Workers
So Russell Coutts is reportedly going to sign up with an overseas syndicate to contest the next Americas Cup challenge. Bloody good on him!

I see his position as one in which many hi-tech workers and entrepreneurs currently find themselves in here in NZ. They can stay, be patriotic, and work their guts out -- only to be clobbered by policies that penalise that hard work and success -- or they can go where their true potential may be fully realised.

Russell is a smart guy and really deserves his success. Why should anyone expect him to forego the obvious financial benefits that he stands to earn by fully exploiting his talents?

And of course the same goes for any other Kiwi who is prepared to work hard, and invest their own money and sweat in building a successful business?

Let's hope that the exodus of such a high-profile Kiwi is enough to wake up this government to the realisation that they are creating a climate which is hostile to all success and hard work.

The fact that so many of the public appear to have joined in the tall-poppy knocking and condemned those Team NZ members who are doing nothing more than placing the interests of themselves and their own families ahead of some silly perceived debt to the nation really angers me.

N'uff said.

Free republic-ation rights available on request :-)

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