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Reader Comments on That Magnetic Thing Again

From: Rodney Hide
Aardvark once again showed the power of the net in
researching a topic.  The Ministry of Economic Development
were completely taken in.  So too was the Deputy Prime
Minister -- that's not hard.  So too was the Herald.  So
too was Kim Hill.

All the King's men and all the King's horses are no match
for a good surfer and goggle.com.

Keep up the good work.  You saved the taxpayer a fortune.
And gave a few bureaucrats red faces and I hope pause for
next time they investigate a project!

Rodney Hide

From: Rodney Elliott
I read your first article on the subject of the magnetic fuel saver with
what can only be described as a sense of incredulity.

I was gobsmacked by the ineptness shown by the Ministry for Economic
Development and the 'Honourable' Jim Anderton in this matter.

Having recently read an article in the NZ AA magazine 'Directions' which
thoroughly debunked these fuel saving devices I could not believe it when
Mr Anderton stated that the reason for the appalling lack of discretion
shown by his department in this matter was that they are unable to employ
experts in every field.  So apparently there is no one in the department
who is able to fulfill the stringent requirements of being a member of the
AA and being able to read.  And these people are purportedly running the

Alas there is no hope for the 'knowledge' based economy or research and
development in general when such ineptitude is prevalent in the highest
house in the land.

As for your meeting with the nonce in question (Mr Nathan B) I urge you to
consider any evidence presented by him regarding the efficacy of his
device to be invalid unless it comes from a certified laboratory or has
been sanctioned by an indepenent certifying authority.


Rodney Elliott M.E. (mech), B.E.(mech)

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