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Lightening Up Again 25 August 2000 Edition
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Boy, with the NZ dollar sinking faster than a Russian submarine and the trade deficit blowing out like a Firestone tire on a Ford Explorer -- I think we're more than overdue for this week's dose of "Lighten Up."

4  Fun With Guns.
Everyone knows that guns are dangerous things if you're standing on the wrong end of one -- but which is the wrong end if the gun is very powerful?

Check out the MPEG videos on this site -- they're large (2-3MB) but well worth the time it takes to download them. You'll get the idea by starting at the top and working down. I'm sure you'll get as much of a kick out of them as the people who feature in them do.

4  Banks Never Make Mistakes?
Of course banks make mistakes -- and this site contains a very long and entertaining diary of the events that surround one of those mistakes.

Kids, don't try this using your local ATM machine please.

Readers Say
Aardvark once again showed the power of the net - Rodney Hide

I was gobsmacked by the ineptness shown - Rodney

Have Your Say

4 Lawnmower Versus AK-47
Do you hate mowing lawns? Is your mower hard to start? Here is a suggestion for easing the tension and stress while getting your own back on the damned thing! (A 1MB MPEG file)

4  Facts You Don't Need To Know
Several pages covering a wide range of very funny things, well worth a look.

That Magnetic Thing Again
I am currently organising to meet with Mr Nathan Balasingham and view some of the supporting evidence he has for his magnetic fuel conditioning device.

I have also invited Mr Balasingham to offer his response to the various opinions and comments that have been made in respect to the device -- I hope he will send me something I can publish next week.

With any luck, Aardvark readers will soon be able to draw their own conclusions on these devices, having been given both sides of the story.

Calling All Australians
As regular Aardvark readers will have noticed, the recent change to the website format included the addition of an Australian headlines section to satisfy the growing number of Australian readers that visit regularly.

In order to expand into the Australian marketplace I'd like to hear from anyone living across the ditch who fancies themselves as a bit of an "Ocker Aardvark" and would like to contribute on a regular or occasional basis to this site.

If you think you've got what it takes, drop me a line and we'll talk about it.

Political Rants And Raves
Since I'd like Aardvark to retain its focus on Internet and new-economy issues, I've decided that in future I'll host any mainly political commentaries on my 4 politics.co.nz site.

The site will get a bit of a make-over in the next few days and I'm hoping that it will attract the type of political debate and discussion I think the country needs.

Anyone (left, center, or right -- the site will be politically agnostic) who wants to have their own political rant and rave is welcome to contact me and, providing your offering is not defamatory, offensive, or too badly written, I'll publish it. Regular columnists would be welcomed.

Help Me Out
When was the last time you told someone about this site? Isn't it about time you introduced some more of your friends or associates to Aardvark?

After all, what other site on the local Net scene offers fresh and often controversial daily content without advertising? Come on folks -- spread the word. Don't get carried away and start emailing everyone you know (that'd be spam eh?) -- just tell one or two people who you think might find this site as useful and worthwhile as you do.


As always, your feedback is welcomed.

Security Alerts
PGP Email Security Flaw Fixed (AP)

Glitch leaves IM contact lists vulnerable (CNet)

Input Validation Problem In rpc.statd (CERT)

Experts corroborate Windows, IE security hole (CNet)

Virus Alerts
'Pokey' virus hits U.S. (CNN)

New strain of "Love" virus steals passwords (CNet)

ILOVEYOU Virus Rides Again - As A Resume  (NewsBytes)

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

4  We'll wear dollar drop, say Internet companies
Local Internet service pricing is unlikely to rise - in the short term anyway - as a result of the dive in the value of the Kiwi dollar...

4  Delphic deal 'huge coup'
Auckland software house Delphic Medical Systems has signed a distribution agreement with Japanese medical giant Sysmex that will put its software in hospitals and laboratories around the world...
NZ Herald


4  'Trojans' open online accounts
An investigation into online banks has revealed how vulnerable they are to malicious hackers looking to steal the identity of customers...

4  The Mainstreaming of Kiddie Porn
The Internet helped create a huge network of child pornography distribution. Lately, it's been getting easier and easier to find...

4  MS Fixes FrontPage Hole, Quietly
A hole in FrontPage Server Extensions that enabled denial-of-service attacks gets fixed, but the programmer who discovered the problem wonders about the way Microsoft went about fixing it...

4  Microsoft glitch leaves IM contact lists vulnerable
Microsoft is investigating complaints that its MSN Instant Messenger usernames and contact lists can be taken over through lapsed Hotmail accounts...

4  Top Pokemon creature triggers email virus
A slow-spreading computer virus attached to a Japanese "Pokemon" animated character has damaged computers at a small number of U.S. companies over the past two months, said executives at an antivirus software company...

4  Security Experts Discuss Hacking Trends
They suggest a new wave of hackers is forming on the horizon, and its goal will be more than mischief...


4  No easy money for auction sites
A $3.4 million loss for eBay Australia highlights the new challenges faced in the auction marketplace. Can the dream of a profitable auction site in Australia be realised?...

4  $10bn of start-ups in jeopardy
The venture capital industry has warned that up to $10bn in foreign investment in local start-ups could be jepardised by the regulatory barriers in the Government's sweeping tax review...

4  Crime review prompted by net porn
PRISON terms for Victorians convicted of possessing child pornography will be increased from two to five years...
Australian IT

4  How crackers could crash the Internet
Crackers and cyber terrorists who properly understood the Net's construction, could cut Australia off from the rest of the internet with surgical strikes against key servers, according to Excite@Home's Milo Medin...


4  Dot.com Job Losses Rise 55 Percent in August-Survey
Job cuts at Internet companies in August jumped 55 percent from July, led by cuts in the Web retail sector, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas....

4  German Cos. Face Private Web Tax
In Germany, personal Web surfing on company time could end up costing your employer lots more than lost productivity...

4  FTC, New York sue X-rated sites
The operators of at least 36 adult entertainment Web sites are accused of illegally billing customers...

4  Nintendo Unveils Video-Game Console
At a time when its biggest rival is pushing a video game machine that does everything from play movies to connect to the Internet, Nintendo Co. is sticking to what it knows best - fun and games...

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