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Reader Comments on Opt-In Email Marketer Accidentally(?)
Spams List Members

From: John Barlow
For : Right Of Reply (for publication)
Subj: Dear Aardvark,

Dear Aardvark:

Just thought I would respond to your front page article on
your site.

Opt-In NZ is NOT at fault here at all.  We messed up.  It
was our  programming error that resulted in a loop outcome while
sending out an advertising campaign for our client, Opt-In NZ.
And  although we are entirely responsible for the outcome, it
was very embarassing for Opt-In NZ as well and they offered
their sincere apologies to their members.

Damage was minimsed by the speed of our response, meaning
that the members in the database that were affected were a
very small proportion.  Even greater security procedures are
now in place to ensure that this mistake will not be replicated.

Thank You

John Barlow
Managing Director
Rex Ltd.

Reader's Comments On Today's Right Of Rely
From: David Farrar
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Nathan Balasingham,

I have just read the right of reply by Nathan Balasingham
with disbelief, wondering if it is some cruel hoax.

I now stand convinced that Mr Balasingham is someone I
would never ever want to do business with in 100 years.
His puerile attacks on Aardvark rather than addressing the
issues about this so called fuel saving device being a hoax
do nothing to inspire confidence.

In fact when reading his reply and noting the level of
spelling mistakes and general bullshit I wondered seriously
if Danny De Hek has not found a new job and changed names.


From: Kerry
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Nathan Balasingham's comments,

Well, after wading through the poor spelling and grammmar
( and the thinly disguised insults to Aardvark ) in this
letter I think Mr Balasingham has proven his level of
competence - both in the areas of marketing and engineering.

It smells like a lemon, it looks like a lemon, it tastes
like a lemon. I have seen no proof that it is not a lemon.
Therefore I will make my own conclusions .....

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