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Reader Comments on Aardvark Daily 9 Oct 2000

From: Rob K
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: A Draft Paper on The New Economy

Mein Gott!!!!!!!!!  (pardon the German)

And I quote from your marvelous first draft  (even after I
deciphered your decidely European grammer and spelling)

"This is because the solutions are multi-faceted in their
effect and are designed to address more than one problem at
a time."

Once, finally, I've seen it and feel that finally, FINALLY,
there is intelligent life out there.  You've got absolutely
NO excuse now for not changing the world as it is today.
If only we can find some leadership that can READ.

I wish I could live in a glass house.  If I could afford,
and survive the abuse, of a political run for office, this
economic analysis would send Louisiana from the bottom of
the heap to the top of the pile.  It would be my platform,
plank for plank.

I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.
It's a near backwards state in terms of education and
knowledge based economy.  It's heavy into agriculture, the
petrochemical processing industry and oil production.
Agriculture is agriculture.  It will always be low profit
margin high volume work.  Oil will always be expensive,
overly regulated and always on the dark side of the
economy.  Petrochemical processing has been and always will
be hard science and hard work.  All three of these are
dirty, laborious, and politically charged.

With a knowledge based economy, we can expand our work
force, increase our markets with a wholey new form of
product and do it in a CLEAN manner with a high profit
margin.  Each one of your major points not only emphasize
the importance of SUSTAINABILITY, but the are cornerstones

If only we could get America to read your New Zealand
commentary and LEARN!!!!


Rob K
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

From: Russell Holland
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Great paper

Well thought out and well put together,

As you know we are also seeking VC for several business
ideas that have grown from our 5 year experience in the
Internet industry in NZ,

It's been an uphill battle with the commen-most question
being "if your idea is so good - why hasn't someone in the
US or Europe done it...?

This after the patent applications, the support from the
likes of Microsoft and various beta testers raving over the

We'll be presenting at the next IT Investment Forum - and
are under due diligence with two entities - lets hope we get
to stay in NZ and develop the company - but this may hinge
on our investors,

On a brighter note - we had Bill English come and visit us a
week ago.

He was genuinely interested in what we are doing and
listened to our concerns with some very good questions on
how we do things and what things are threats to our various
companies - he got my vote...!

Cheers and thanks
Now Have Your Say

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