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Political Debate Sparks Wave Of New Opinion Websites 9 October 2000 Edition
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It seems that everyone has an opinion on what's wrong, what's right and how to improve New Zealand. What's more, an increasing number of people are turning to the Net to voice those opinions.

Richard Poole's email, which was distributed to thousands of Kiwis and ex-pats around the globe is perhaps the most visible example of this increased use of the Net to voice an opinion and gather feedback.

Discussion in the nz.politics newsgroup has also increased significantly as opinions and arguments flow freely.

Of course the web itself has not been left out and a growing number of new sites have popped up to act as a virtual soapbox.

Column.co.nz offers commentary and opinion from a growing range of contributors but the site designer needs a good kick up the pants for his mis-use of Java. Those who are using a non-Java capable browser (like Opera) or are behind a firewall that automatically blocks applets will find this site completely lacking any navigation facilities. It's a nice idea but poorly implemented.

Another small site, boldly titled "Freedom!" also offers a sounding board for opinion of what appear to be largely political issues.

I expect these sites are just the tip of the iceberg and we will see a growing number of similar opinion-based online publications appear over coming months.

NZCS Blows Its Own Credibility
When I highlighted the fact that a certain limelighter with decidedly tarnished connections to ISOCNZ had been nominated by the New Zealand Computer Society for an award I was inundated with emails expressing disbelief and shock.

Well I'm sure those people will not be surprised to see that the "old-boys club" is alive and well and that the individual concerned, despite the fact that he was effectively driven out of ISOCNZ by a lynch mob, has indeed won the award for which he was nominated.

Check out the story in the news links section below for details.

Readers Say
Mein Gott!!!!!!!!! - Rob

Great paper - Russell

Earlier Comments
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Future for young NZers - Alan

Permanent OE Kiwis - Stan

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Piss off then! - Edwin

"Real Kiwis" - Paul

Have Your Say
A Draft Paper On The New Economy
I have knocked up a quick first-draft of a paper that deals with the issues facing NZ's introduction of a "new economy" and which I'd like to present to government later this month.

Please bear in mind that this isn't the result of an expensive and protracted government-funded inquiry -- it's a set of definitions and proposed solutions which I have cobbled together from my own thoughts and those of the many people who regularly communicate their opinions to me.

I would appreciate it if readers could review the document (sorry it's so big) and send me their comments so as to improve it.

In order for my representation to government to have maximum effect, I'd also like to establish my credentials. I like to think that I've freely assisted quite a few people and businesses in getting their careers and ventures off the ground or solving some of their problems. If you're one of these people or businesses I'd appreciate it if you could drop me a brief email today acknowledging any assistance I might have provided. This isn't an ego-trip -- my goal is to establish that I'm not a politically motivated stirrer -- but someone who has consistently attempted to do what I can to foster and help fledgling new economy activities here in New Zealand.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

Security Alerts
Bug hunter finds another hole in Microsoft IE browser CNet

Microsoft issues new patch for Windows 2000 Telnet security hole (Computerworld)

Windows ME Bugged by Flaw (Wired)

Microsoft adjusts sign-on feature to patch Windows 2000 (CNet)

Word documents susceptible to "Web bug" infestation (CNet)

Trojan horse rears its head on Palms (CNet)

Virus Alerts
UBS warns of new virus (CNN)

Killer Virus Streaming Near You (InternetNews)

'Pokey' virus hits U.S. (CNN)

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

4  NZ Computer Society names supreme winners
Aoraki Corporation chairman Sir Gil Simpson has won the New Zealand Computer Society's supreme award for the most outstanding contribution to computing in New Zealand in the last century...

4  DoS attacks flood in
Key elements of the country's Internet infrastructure have come under Denial of Service attack over the past three days...

4  Rattled Govt reassures telcos investors
The Government has again come across as rattled by business confidence, yesterday seeking to assure investors there would be no heavy-handed intervention in the telecommunications sector...
NZ Herald

4  Budde Fears Opportunity Lost
A major opportunity has been missed by the [NZ] Telecommunications Inquiry in failing to open up the local access telecommunications market for unbundled services, says Australian-based commentator Paul Budde...


4  Porn Panel: Nix 'Mouse-Trapping'
The Commission on Child Online Protection wants the government to come down hard on sex site practices such as "mouse-trapping" -- when multiple windows open and it takes forever to close them all...

4  Government sites disregard children's privacy law
Some government Web sites--including the White House site--are not adhering to a law that requires companies to obtain parental consent before soliciting personal information from children...

4  Linux leader says standard version will emerge
The profusion of Linux versions available today soon will converge into a single edition, the head of one of the top four Linux sellers predicted...

4  Study: Interactive revolution will be televised
Infrastructure advances, coupled with growing consumer demand, are fostering a revolution in the emerging interactive television market, with more than 81 million Internet-capable TVs expected to be installed worldwide by 2004, according to a new report from market researcher International Data Corp...


4  Survey debunks big dot-com salaries myth
IT IS a myth that e-commerce companies always pay their staff more than their "bricks and mortar'' counterparts, a survey has found...

4  IBM faces industrial action
IBM Global Services Australia (GSA) faces possible industrial action following a dispute with its staff providing services to Telstra...

4  ISPs find being free isn't easy
FREE internet service provider GoConnect has lodged a supplementary prospectus after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission slapped an interim stop order on its original prospectus...
Australian IT

4  Merger of equals becomes SMS takeover
The merger of Sausage Software and SMS Consulting was touted as a "union of equals", but three months later all the signs point to a hostile takeover by Lloyd Robers' SMS...


4  Yahoo Faces Hard Questions Entering Earning Season
Yahoo Inc. may be the best of the bunch in the Internet media business, but people are not sure what that counts for anymore...

4  Honda Debuts Wired 'Cyber Cars'
It's a glamorous idea: Cyber cars hooked to the Internet provide drivers with guides to thousands of restaurants, details on hot springs and schedules of festivals - all right on the dashboard...

4  Bill Doubles High-Tech Visa Fees
Federal fees that companies pay for visas to recruit skilled foreign workers would double to provide more training and education for American workers under a bill the House approved Friday...

4  CERT to disclose software flaws
The security incident response center will give software companies 45 days to fix security flaws, joining the trend toward open discussion of vulnerabilities...

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