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Yes, Pizza-Hut Has A Problem! 16 October 2000 Edition
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On Friday I asked readers if they'd had any problems using Pizza Hut's online ordering system.

My goodness -- the response was dramatic!

It seems that Pizza Hut have a very real problem with their web-based ordering system and, what's worse, most of the time they aren't even acknowledging the complaints of those who have complained.

One can't help but wonder if the reason why the complaints aren't being actioned is because the site's contact form appears to deliver all communications directly to the webmaster.

Could it be that this webmaster is none too keen to alert management to the problems being experienced with the website?

Readers Say
I've tried to use - Graeme

Problems - yes - Peter

I live in Stokes Valley - Ian

Pizza Hutt - Dave

Have Your Say
The comments you see published here are just the tip of the iceberg -- with many more woeful stories about the failure of the online ordering system received but marked "not for publication."

I shall be attempting to obtain comment from Pizza Hut management today and update this story tomorrow.

Welcome To The 20th Century BNZ
No, I don't mean the 21st century -- it has taken the BNZ over two years to respond to the demands of the local Internet industry and offer a multi-currency credit-card merchant facility -- and it's still not quite ready.

Describing the (imminent) launch of the service as a "breakthrough" is just another indication of just how out of touch the banks are with the modern hi-tech world.

It seems amazing to me that banks are so slow to make proper use of all this fancy new technology.

When I deposit a cheque in my bank account it takes nearly a week for the cleared funds to appear in my account -- yet when I write a cheque the money is debited overnight.

Almost every time someone overseas wires me money using a TT through the banking system it ends up disappearing into thin air for days -- sometimes weeks at a time.

Come on guys -- this stuff is no longer rocket science!

Egg On Face -- Sun-ny Side Up
Sun Microsystems prides itself in providing some of the most industrial-strength Internet hardware/software solutions on the planet. It was surprising therefore to see that the system set up to make the source code for the StarOffice suite available for download on the Net ended up spitting the dummy over the weekend.

Some cynics have suggested that this particular server was designed to fail -- thus giving the impression that the demand for the source code was gobsmackingly huge.

Sun are hoping that the open-source developer community will run with this code and create a viable challenger to Microsoft's Office 2000 suite.

Don't get too excited just yet though -- reports are that the current code version isn't ready for the big-time.

Have you downloaded the code? Do you use StarOffice? Send me your comments for publication.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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