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How Can People Be So Dumb? 19 October 2000 Edition
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With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight it becomes pretty easy to look back at 1999 and the utter stupidity that saw investors place huge values on Internet companies started by pre-schoolers and run by "flash-Harry" types driving Porsches.

Of course the cold, hard dawn of reality has meant that many of the industry's highest flyers are now pushing up daisies -- leaving behind them a trail of investors with aching wallets.

Nowhere has this been more evident than just across the ditch, where once high-flyer LibertyOne has fallen to earth with an almighty thump.

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Thank you for the free plug for Tranz Railís... - Peter

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In its heyday, LibertyOne shares were bought and sold for around $2.27 each but today they're worth just over six cents -- a fall of over 97 percent!

What's worse -- those involved in "dot-com" operations were once treated like royalty. The poor and "old-economy" workers would regularly worship the ground on which a dot-commer had walked -- but now it would appear that associating yourself with a dot-com makes you, in some circles, about as popular and respected as someone suffering from the ebola virus.

Of course this is pendulum stuff -- we're seeing such a violent swing from one extreme to the other that it's only natural to see significant over-reaction.

I predict that by this time next year there will be fewer dot-coms but a lot more profitable ones whose stock-price is based on sensible metrics with the ability to provide investors some good old fashioned returns.

My God it's hard to type with all your fingers crossed :-)

TranzRail Is Listening
I gave TranzRail a pasting in yesterday's column -- but it was very refreshing to see that they have a new system in the pipeline (see yesterday's comments for their right of reply).

Don't forget the pre-launch site-survey guys!

Net No Substitute For TV
IDG carries a story this morning in which they report that CNN is coming to NZ to do a piece on the KiwiFlatmates setup.

I find it very interesting that despite the fact that there are probably several times as many people who are "Net-connected" than those who have a subscription to CNN, TV still seems to have a higher value.

Of course we all know that despite KiwiFlatmates claiming to have scored over two million page-views in just three months, a spot on CNN will likely reach a much higher number of people -- and therein lies the problem with the Net.

No matter how good your Internet website, product or service -- you're just one of (according to DomainStats.com) 31 million other domains on the Net and a handful of the (according to Google.com) one billion webpages.

In light of these figures, it becomes pretty obvious that one of the key secrets to building a popular Net property (assuming you've got a decent site) is to make sure you've put out as many road-signs and built as many paths as possible to your own tree.

I believe that some of the most successful Internet-based ventures over the next few years will be "path-building" companies and those who charge a small fee for building and maintaining the signs.

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