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New TLDs I'd Like To See 20 November 2000 Edition
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ICANN announced that it has approved seven new non-country-specific TLDs (Top Level Domains) to join the ranks of dot-Com, dot-Net and dot-Org.

Goodness knows what their criteria for selection were but they decided to go with dot-Biz, dot-Aero, dot-Name, dot-Coop, dot-Museum, dot-Pro and dot-Info.

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For some reason they decided we didn't need a Dot-xxx to help give porn a clearly identifiable name. Likewise they didn't think it was a good idea to give kids their own dot-Kids TLD -- why not? I know it can't be because there's not enough money in approving a kids domain for those who wield the power -- right?

But anyway, here are some TLDs I'd like to see:

  • dot-WWW - (Wild wild west) for all those self-proclaimed "experts" and cowboy web designers
  • dot-Gone - for all those failed dot-Coms
  • dot-Dot-dot-dot - for all those sites permanently under construction
  • dot-Dash-dot-dash - for the creation of Morse-code chat-rooms
  • dot-Dead -- for those sites which are never, ever, updated
What about you? Do you have some good ideas for new TLDs? If so, let me know.

I Toldyaso
I saw a story published by CNet last week which reminded me of one of the "billion dollar ideas" I published almost four years ago in Aardvark Weekly.

Here's my idea, and here's what Microsoft are doing.

Was I far off the mark? Why did it take Billy-boy nearly four years to twig to the massive potential this idea has?

If our beloved Minister of Economic Development is reading this -- hey, I've got a whole notebook filled with million and billion dollar ideas. A surprisingly high number of the ones I came up with several years ago have eventually also been thought of and put into action by others (great minds think alike) -- but there's still a whole lot that are just waiting for some development capital and resources to make them a commercial reality.

I'm not boasting -- I'm just one of many in this country with similar notebooks stuffed full of million-dollar ideas. Let's hope the government's newfound confidence in NZ's ability to compete in the new economy will help some of those ideas see the light of day.

All Advantage Gasping For Breath?
The "we'll pay you to use the Net" company AllAdvantage has announced that it's dumping even more staff as it struggles to keep its head above water -- are we surprised?

The number of unhappy AllAdvantage users seems to be growing locally, with a couple of people reporting that the company has taken back their hard-won credit balance because they've not surfed enough hours.

As I've mentioned before, the AllAdvantage contract seems to be a very cunning piece of work that, on the surface looks like it's a great deal, but under closer scrutiny reveals a mass of loopholes which allows the company to avoid paying out for seemingly tiny (and often unavoidable) infractions by the member.

Aardvark's advice remains unchanged -- avoid AllAdvantage. Even with the weak NZ dollar you'll probably never earn enough to offset the frustration and hassles associated with trying to generate and collect any kind of payment.

The Weekly
Yes, I know the first edition of the weekly has yet to appear -- but I'm still working on it.

Hopefully (if current leads pan out) it will include a very interesting expose' into the astoundingly bad behaviour of a group of local "new economy" company directors (some of who are also on the board of a public company). Just how competent and ethical are the managers of some of our hi-tech public companies?

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As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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New Zealand

4  All govt staff to get secure email
The secure email phase of the government's internal Secure Electronic Environment will go first to Treasury, the State Services Commission and the department of Prime Minister and Cabinet...

4  Government should take broadband initiative if Telecom won't
Broadband services are crucial to New Zealand's e-economy and if Telecom won't play ball the Government could consider becoming an infrastructure provider...

4  Hacking law has insider flaw
The proposed law against computer hacking, scheduled to be referred last week to a parliamentary select committee, leaves hackers within an organisation untouched...


4  Anti-spam Organization Hit With Restraining Order
MAPS, the organization which maintains an anti-spam blacklist used by thousands of ISPs across the globe is reeling from the effects of a restraining order granted against it by the advertising company 24/7 Media...

4  Pay-to-surf site cuts 35 percent of work force
AllAdvantage lays off nearly 150 employees, adding to the 160 workers who were let go earlier this year...

4  Pentium 4 computers arrive Monday
Nearly all the major PC manufacturers will release the first desktops built around the Pentium 4, a new microprocessor from Intel that will form the bedrock of the company's business for the next few years...

4  FTC warns e-tailers
Seeking to head off another holiday season of disappointments over gifts ordered online not arriving on time, the Federal Trade Commission Friday warned more than 100 e-tailers about making delivery promises they cannot fulfill...

4  Do We Really Need New Domains?
While dot-com businesses continue to drop like flies, Internet regulators agree on a list of new top-level domains. Registrars -- who stand to profit handsomely from new dot-suffixes -- say worldwide demand necessitates additional domains...


4  States, Territories adopt digital certificates
Government will adopt Gatekeeper security technology to verify electronic transactions in their jurisdiction...

4  Spike Hong Kong founders quit
SPIKE CyberWorks continues to lose senior staff, with the co-founders of its Hong Kong office the latest in a string of rapid departures from the embattled internet company...
Australian IT

4  Another dot.com bites the dust
STAFF at Wheretotoday.com could be left without wages for the past five weeks, after the Melbourne-based internet directory company went into voluntary administration this week...
Australian IT

4  Howard supports commitment to Internet access by 2010
Prime Minister John Howard has thrown his support behind an APEC commitment to give computer and Internet access to everyone in the region by 2010...


4  More Domain Names, More Cyber-Squatting
The seven new domain names approved this week will increase e-commerce competition on the ever-growing Internet -- and expand territory for cyber-squatters...

4  Coming Soon: Special Purpose Domain Names
Web site addresses won't be just for Web sites anymore, if some petitioners at this week's annual meeting of the Internet's global naming authority have their way...

4  Papers Contradict FBI on Carnivore
The FBI says its e-mail surveillance tool known as Carnivore is used only for narrow purposes, but recent tests show it could capture all communications that go through an Internet service, according to bureau documents...

4  MP3.com has music titans fuming
Universal's $53.4 million settlement with the online music site has four recording industry giants bent out of shape and threatening legal action...

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