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Spammer -- Meet Slammer! 13 December 2000 Edition
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As most regular Aardvark readers will be aware, I'm very much opposed to spammers and their irritating habits -- such as filling my mailbox with offers of "Free Satellite TV, Guaranteed Credit, etc."

I'm also aware that our proposed package of new and shiny anti-cybercrime laws doesn't really protect us from local spammers -- which is something I believe it should do.

However, all is not lost!

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As you'll see in a story linked below, a US spammer has been well and truly snared by authorities and could face up to seven years jail-time for hijacking the servers of another company to send out his junk emails.

They didn't charge him with hacking, cyber-trespass or use any other hi-tech law though. He was whacked with a fraud charge -- because he used a fake sender's email address on his spam.

If successful, this case will likely set a precedent in the USA and make all spammers who fake email addresses equally vulnerable to prosecution -- and possible jail-time.


Why Don't They? (Follow-up)
Yesterday's suggestion that cellphones ought to have a business-card exchange system built into them produced quite a bit of feedback, with more than a couple readers pointing out that some Nokia phones already have an infra-red system that does such things.

That's good news -- if the people you meet also have the right model of Nokia phone but I'm surprised that it only works over an IR link and isn't radio-based. I think it would be a much nicer system if the phones didn't have to be pulled out of the users' pockets and pointed at each other.

Using a radio-link would allow a simple, transparent and automated exchange of this information.

Then there's the issue of standards. Nokia clearly have their own method but would Motorola or others be willing to follow it, or would they prefer an independent standard?

I predict that this facility will become an essential part of all 3GL phones within two years -- let's wait and see.

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

4  MP3.net.nz, Telecom in "strategic partnership"
The New Zealand music e-commerce site mp3.net.nz has announced that Telecom has taken a 5% stake in its business and will soon allow customers to have purchases charged to their Telecom bills...

4  NZ first to get global mobile system
New Zealander's widespread use of mobile phones and the internet have prompted British-based Vodafone to pick the country as the launch pad for its Vizzavi global mobile information link...
NZ Herald

4  Zivo NZ to soldier on
Despite its Australian parent's collapse into receivership, Zivo New Zealand will continue trading "on a day to day basis", says general manager Gavin Thwaites...


4  FTC Shuts Down Fake ID Site
The federal agency wins an injunction to close a site that provided templates for creating counterfeit driver's licenses...

4  Google product tracker could raise privacy concerns
Google's new toolbar extension may give Web surfers the feeling they're being watched...

4  Pundits: Wireless Web Is Major Privacy Threat
Over next five years, wireless data use will grow more than electronic commerce did in its first five years...

4  Company: Extortion try exposes credit card numbers
Creditcards.com says it was the victim of an extortion attempt by a man accused of hacking into its site and exposing more than 55,000 credit card numbers...

4  Will the Real Y2K Stand Up?
Now that the real millennium is approaching, aren't you just dying to know what the geek purists are doing for New Year's?...


4  Lights out: Australia's first cyber casino extinguished
Australia's first cyber casino - AusVegas - will turn out the lights within days following the Federal Government's move to curb the online gambling industry. Is the writing on the wall for others?...

4  Motorola invests $50m in WA centre
MOTOROLA has agreed to $50 million in Perth to set up an advanced software engineering centre...
Australian IT

4  Digital TV to make deadline
THE first equipment allowing television viewers to tune into digital television would start trickling into shops by the end of the month, free-to-air networks promised today...
Australian IT


4  IBM to spend $1B on Linux
IBM on Tuesday said it is building the world's largest Linux-based supercomputer for petroleum manufacturer Royal Dutch/Shell and pledged to invest nearly $1 billion in Linux efforts next year...

4  Spammer May Face Seven Years Jail
The anti-spam community is jubilant that 46-year-old Jason Garon of Mission Viejo, Fla. has admitted charges of second-degree forgery related to his relaying bulk email through the servers of an innocent third party...

4  PlayStation 2 frenzy spawns Web scams
The scarcity of Sony's new gaming console has led to site crashes and scam artists promising, but not delivering, the goods...

4  Cache attack: Timing is everything
Princeton researchers discover a subtle new way to determine what sites a user has recently visited. Is there no privacy?...

4  Briton Acquitted of Web Murder Plot
A computer expert who admitted setting up two Web sites offering $108,000 to kill his American e-mail friend and her husband was acquitted Tuesday of trying to arrange her murder...

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