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Good News? 20 December 2000 Edition
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You can tell that the Internet industry is maturing...

Unlike the last few years, I've noticed that things are really starting to slow down on the news front as the festive season draws near.

Finding interesting and relevant news stories, particularly those with a local flavour, has already become distinctly difficult.

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The problem is exacerbated by the way some publications such as Stuff/Infotech and Netguide NZ have already gone into "reduced service" mode and significantly reduced their Net-industry news coverage.

This rapid maturing of the industry means a lot of people are going to have to carefully review their plans and strategies for 2001 -- because, as many entrepreneurs and investors have found in recent times, a mature industry behaves far differently to an immature one.

Port Scanning Legal In The USA
The war between anti-spammers and spam-friendly operators just took another interesting twist with a US district court ruling that port scanning is legal.

Port scanning is an operation often used by spammers and anti-spammers alike to determine whether a computer on the Internet is running a mailserver and whether that mailserver is open to relay spam.

This is, of course, a double-edged sword. On the one hand it legally allows organisations such as ORBS to interrogate and identify open mailservers in order that their operators can be advised -- or that the site can be added to a black-list if they remain open.

On the other hand however, it means that hackers, crackers and spammers will be free to troll the Net with impunity -- searching for vulnerable computers worthy of covertly recruiting for their activities.

Once again it's worth reminding everyone that you really ought to download some free personal firewall software such as Zone Alarm. It's may not offer 100% guaranteed protection against malicious attacks on your PC through the Net, but it's a whole lot better than nothing at all!

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Yes, it's still trickling out -- but the Aardvark Weekly subscription list has grown enormously over the past two weeks which has required a bit of a change to the back-end here so there's still going to be a few who haven't received the latest edition. My apologies.

If you want to subscribe, just drop me a note and I'll put you on the list.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and...

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Security Alerts
AIM Flaw Could Open Users' Computers to Attack (InternetNews)

Denial-of-Service Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP Stacks: (CERT)

Sun advises of a potential compromise of 2 specific security certificates (CERT)

IE 5.5 hole lets hackers read files (CNet)

Bug hunter finds another hole in Microsoft IE browser CNet

Microsoft issues new patch for Windows 2000 Telnet security hole (Computerworld)

Virus Alerts
Tool to beat killer Xmas virus promised (IDG)

Virus: Snow White not so innocent ZDNet

Wild Worm With Pro-Linux Message (Wired)

Antivirus firm says Shockwave virus spreading quickly (CNet)

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

4  Simplicity Key To Funding
New Zealand entrepreneurs looking for a leg up to get their hi-tech ideas off the ground should be prepared to invest their own money and keep their proposals simple if they want cash from the Technology New Zealand fund...

4  CDStar just the start of spend-up, says FlyingPig
FlyingPig's purchase of music e-tailer CDStar is but one of three or four "major transactions" in the pipeline for the company, according to CEO Mark Battles...

4  On-line Shopping Hopping
It was the week before Christmas and everything was stirring including the mouse as on-line shoppers sifted for last minute gifts resulting in 12 per cent of all Kiwi traffic visiting local shopping and classified sites...


4  EMusic Files Copyright Lawsuit Vs. MP3.com
Online music company EMusic.com Inc. said on Tuesday it filed a copyright infringement complaint against MP3.com Inc. , which had resolved similar lawsuits by the five major record labels one month ago...

4  Aimster sets sights on MSN, Yahoo
The Napster of instant messaging is unveiling a souped-up version Thursday that it says will let users of different instant messaging technologies communicate with each other, plus swap and share files...

4  Microsoft to cut costs?
Microsoft Corp. plans to cut costs in all its businesses even as it boosts some workers' salaries in a bid to hold on to staff, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday...

4  easyJet Gets Tough On Domain-Name Rivals
British airline easyJet is making life difficult for Web businesses with similar monikers. It says they can't use the word 'easy' in their domain names and has threatened legal action against some...

4  Web Ads Should Be Seen and Heard
Banner prices keep falling, drying up the reservoir of ad dollars for webcasters. Internet radio broadcasters turn to "in stream" multimedia ads to help defray the cost of programming...


4  Sofcom snaps up 'bargain' in Zivo
JEFF Kennett's Sofcom has cherry-picked LibertyOne's Australian Zivo web mastering operations for less than $100,000...
Australian IT

4  'Green light' to mobile phone cancer study
The New South Wales Cancer Council has been allocated just over one million dollars to investigate links between cancer and mobile phone use in the two major capitals. Researchers admit they still know very little about the dangers, if any...

4  E-commerce the big challenge
The big four banks are pushing further into the web, which means they are vulnerable to global operators...

4  Competitive talk hits Melbourne IT
SHARES in Melbourne IT have fallen to a new low after Primus Telecom launched a top-level domain registry business in Australia...
Australian IT


4  Tool to beat killer Xmas virus promised today
A tool to detect and repair the mutated W32.Kriz virus - which threatens to destroy infected PCs on Christmas Day - should be available within 24 hours...

4  Peacefire tosses Web-filter grenade
The free-speech insurgents lob another missile in the filtering wars with an application they claim can disable all seven of the most popular porn filters...

4  More Layoffs At Red Herring
Red Herring Communications, publisher of Red Herring magazine, has reportedly announced it will lay off another 32 employees, or 10 percent of its staff, as part of a plan to contract out its Internet operations...

4  Hackers caught in security 'honeypot'
Security pros use HoneyNet Project to learn tricks of the hacking trade -- and raise corporate awareness...

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