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"Good Morning Dave" 3 January 2001 Edition
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TVNZ was nice enough to re-screen what must surely be one of the very best science-fiction (or could it be fact yet to come?) films ever made on New Year's Day -- 2001 A Space odyssey.

It seems that the message delivered by this powerful tale of the future has lodged in more than a few big brains over the years and now some bright-spark "expert" has come out and warned us to beware of the HAL9000 syndrome -- a situation where we lose control of the computers we've been developing.

How very 2001.

He believes that we are at growing risk of having our technology overtake our ability to control it -- but you only have to ask anyone who struggled with CP/M or MSDOS in the 1970s and 80s to discover that this phase of our technological evolution already happened about 20 years ago!

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Who Killed The Kumara?
Regular Aardvark readers will recall that I mentioned a satirical site called TheKumara.com a few months ago. This site was a rather "close to the edge" look at New Zealand, using a style that has clearly offended someone -- because over the holiday break the normal content was removed and replaced with this.

I've tried to contact the operators of the site to get some background information on what's happened but so far -- no response.

Where Are All The Brains Going?
NZ's brain drain received a lot of media coverage a few months ago when it became apparent that our best and brightest were fleeing the country for better prospects overseas.

Australia and the UK were listed as some of the key destinations for our scientists and technology workers -- but it seems these countries are not without their own brain drains.

This story indicates that the UK is so worried about its bright-flight that government has set aside more than NZ$12 million to top up the pay-packets of key scientists and researchers.

Aardvark Weekly, Have You Got Yours?
Yes, it's still trickling out -- but the Aardvark Weekly subscription list has grown enormously over the past two weeks which has required a bit of a change to the back-end here so there's still going to be a few who haven't received the latest edition. My apologies.

If you want to subscribe, just drop me a note and I'll put you on the list.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and...

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