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Lighten Up 5 January 2001 Edition
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Thanks to the many readers who rallied to yesterday's call for good links, I'm able to provide you with the following site-suggestions if you want to marvel at the wonders of the World Wide Web:

Morgan and Banks
Now these guys really have a grip on this new technology -- or is this some kind of intelligence test? Maybe they've just never heard of a redirect, meta-refresh, or even good old hypertext linking.
Rating: Duh!

A Crazy Drunk Guy
What do you do when a drunk repeatedly annoys you by repeatedly calling you on the phone? Well, you put up a web-page of course!
Rating: Wierd!

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Wedding Cam
It seems as if voyeurism is one of the Web's biggest attractions -- and now even the somewhat conservative Discovery Channel has gotten in on the act -- making it easy for people to join in the kind of festive celebrations that can only be found in a Las Vegas quickie wedding.
Rating: Get A Life Of Your Own!

The Corporation
Do you ever wonder why those big corporate websites are so dull and boring? Well here's an about-face -- a humour site built as a parody of those chilling wads of corporate HTML.
Rating: A Good Chuckle If You're (Management) Board :-)

Nobody Killed The Kumara
Earlier in the week I pointed out that TheKumara.com was carrying a message which suggested that it had been slapped with a court order preventing it from publishing its usual menu of parody and satire.

Well it seems the whole thing was just a cheap publicity stunt -- a humorous way of filling the space while the site's owner/operator took a break over the holiday period.

So, the mystery is solved.

I wonder, however, if we'll see this little tactic used by other sites in an attempt to get people talking and boost traffic levels? Of course I couldn't possibly speculate... because of this court order you see ;-)

Spam News
Good news broke yesterday when it was announced that AOL would be suing the pants of a porno spammer who sent junk email to its subscribers. Maybe if more ISPs decide to get behind such actions the spammers will find their life a little less comfortable and millions of kids around the world won't find their mailboxes filled with solicitations to visit rather unsuitable websites.

And on the subject of spam -- I came across an interesting site the other day called SpamMotel.

It claims to allow you to track down who's been selling your email address or breaching their own privacy code. It does this by issuing you with a unique email address each time you use the service and allowing you to attach notes to that address so that if spam is received, you can check which site was involved.

It's a good idea -- but I suspect that only the most hardened anti-spammers will bother.

Aardvark Weekly, Have You Got Yours?
Yes, it's still trickling out -- but the Aardvark Weekly subscription list has grown enormously over the past two weeks which has required a bit of a change to the back-end here so there's still going to be a few who haven't received the latest edition. My apologies.

If you want to subscribe, just drop me a note and I'll put you on the list.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and...

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Security Alerts
AIM Flaw Could Open Users' Computers to Attack (InternetNews)

Denial-of-Service Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP Stacks: (CERT)

Sun advises of a potential compromise of 2 specific security certificates (CERT)

IE 5.5 hole lets hackers read files (CNet)

Bug hunter finds another hole in Microsoft IE browser CNet

Microsoft issues new patch for Windows 2000 Telnet security hole (Computerworld)

Virus Alerts
Kriz virus makes return appearance (ZDNet)

Tool to beat killer Xmas virus promised (IDG)

Virus: Snow White not so innocent ZDNet

Wild Worm With Pro-Linux Message (Wired)

Antivirus firm says Shockwave virus spreading quickly (CNet)

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

4  New Appeal for Wilson Neill
Wilson Neill is positioning itself as a force to reckoned with in the on-line world as it evolves into an umbrella organisation for a growing number of technology, e-commerce and content businesses...

4  ATM error doubles bank fees
Computer error is being blamed for potentially thousands of National Bank customers being charged double for withdrawals from automatic teller...
NZ Herald


4  Barnes&Noble.com lures big-name authors with digital imprint
Online bookseller Barnes&Noble.com pushed deeper into electronic publishing on Thursday, creating a new division geared to entice big-name authors with higher royalty fees and to jump-start the fledgling electronic books market...

4  eBay goes back online after prolonged outages
After a day of lengthy outages, eBay said Thursday that it has restored its auction system and intends to upgrade its hardware in the coming weeks to provide improved service...

4  Airline Travelers Check In Via WAP
British Airways said on Thursday it has become the first U.K. airline to allow passengers to check in with a WAP-enabled phone...

4  Millions Pay Not to Log On
Americans are getting connected in fantastic numbers, but a recent study reveals that more than a third are paying for services they don't even use...

4  E-Commerce Better But for Scams
Most major online retailers got a much-improved report card this holiday season. However, Better Business Bureaus found disreputable stuff going on at a few lesser-known sites...


4  OzEmail suffers mid-morning outage
Local Internet Service Provider OzEmail suffered an authentication outage Thursday preventing subscriber access from as far afield as the US...

4  Digital sends viewers mixed signals
COMPLAINTS over the introduction of digital television continue to grow, with 4500 viewers contacting hotlines on Wednesday, the highest day total so far...
Australian IT


4  'Lousy' demand stings Pentium 4
Analyst says the sluggish PC market plus little need for the new high-performance machines has resulted in a disappointing sales...

4  AOL sues over sex-related spam
In an effort to show that it's serious about junk email, the Net titan accuses an adult Web site operator of conspiring with spammers....

4  Will the Web follow Yahoo's charge?
Is the Web's free ride nearly over? Now that Yahoo is charging auction fees, analysts say other free services could follow suit...

4  Rough Road Ahead for Internet Stocks??
Investors who expect Internet stocks to post a comeback this year will be disappointed, a report by International Data Corp. said on Thursday...

4  Why Wap is not woeful
The organisation developing the mobile net technology has hit back at claims that people are shunning phones that can use the wireless application protocol...

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