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Microsoft Slams Australian Government 17 January 2001 Edition
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While New Zealanders, and NZ industry have seldom missed an opportunity to criticise our government for their seeming haphazard and ill-conceived attitude towards encouraging IT and the new economy, it might appear that they're not doing too bad compared to the Australians.

Even though an unacceptable percentage of our best and brightest continue to skip the ditch to greener fields, at least one global corporation has seen fit to lay into the Australian government's tax and regulatory environment -- Microsoft.

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The software giant released a paper it titled "Accelerating Innovation" in which it condemns the high rates of Australian personal and company tax which are, it alleges, are a disincentive to attracting key players.

Surprisingly, even Australia's seemingly generous R&D tax incentives are slammed. Microsoft claims that cutting the tax credit from 150 percent to 125 percent was a mistake. Boy -- I wonder what MS will say when they realise that companies operating in New Zealand actually incur what amounts to a tax penalty for investing in R&D?

In its report, Microsoft advises the Australian government to look to countries like Ireland, Singapore, Finland and the USA for good examples of policies that are geared towards the rapid growth of new economy businesses.

Well it's not often I line up to be counted with Microsoft (is this a first?) but I have to say that everything they've said about Australia also applies to New Zealand -- twice over!

Of course Microsoft is talking very much out of self-interest but how long will it take before the government of this country finally gets the message? A message that has been delivered by all manner of sage and experienced sources for years now.

Should we judge our governments by their ability to listen, learn and adapt to a changing global economic environment -- or by their blind adherence to some outdated ideology?

As always, your comments are welcomed.

Someone at TVNZ Has Lost Their Netscape
TVNZ's NZOOM site has been around for a while now and it's one of the more information-rich locations on the local web.

Unfortunately it seems that they've lost their copy of Netscape -- or simply choose not to use it any more because some of the pages on that site are simply unreadable if you're not using IE.

Check out this example to see what I mean.

Come on guys -- it's a good site but don't forget that Netscape isn't dead yet.

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