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Breaking: "prime suzpectz" Hits Epson NZ Website
9:50pm NZDT
The website of Epson New Zealand has been hit by the same hackers who, less than 24-hours ago, defaced the Microsoft NZ website.

At 9:45pm on Wednesday night the Epson site looked like this.

Breaking: IDG versus Netguide
3:55pm NZDT
The publishers of NZ's Netguide magazine and competing publisher IDG have had another day in court.

The two publishers went head-to-head in court over the striking similarity between their respective Internet-centric monthly magazines. Netguide had earlier obtained an interrim injunction against IDG to stop it from publishing its next glossy A5 look-alike edition.

As a result of today's hearing, IDG will be able to publish the next edition but will not be allowed to call it "Net." IDG did, however, win the right to use the A5 "glossy" format.

Netguide Press Release

Microsoft's NZ Website Hacked 24 January 2001 Edition
Previous Edition

Users of Microsoft's Internet server software ought to be a little more worried today.

In the wee small hours of this morning, a hacker (or hackers) attacked the Microsoft NZ website, replacing the homepage with some of their own rather pointed comments about the security of Microsoft's products.

The culprit was allegedly "Prime Suspectz" and the regular home-page was replaced with one that said "oh!! what's happened! Another Micro$oft was hacked?"

"The vulnerability is completely teorical [sic]"

Readers Say
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Word document attachments... - Ian

Govt hacking... - Bede

Alternatives to Word documents... - John

"R" and not "D"... - Richard

Word Document Attachments... - Matthew

Word macros... - Andrew

Word attachments... - Ian

MS Word format... - Michael

Word, Smurd, get over it... - Rob

From Yesterday

Domain Name Leasing Scams... - Stan

Curious!... - Jamie

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The hack leaves further egg on the face of Microsoft, who suffered a similar breach of security related to their Microsoft.com site just a few months ago.

After all -- if Microsoft can't keep it's own websites secure when running its own software -- what chance do regular users have?

Microsoft was unable to comment on the hack this morning when contacted by Aardvark, but said that it would be making a statement about noon.

Would you like a coke to go with that egg sir?

Microsoft's Official Response

About That Technology Grant
As I mentioned some time ago, I've decided to apply for an R&D technology grant to help fund further R&D of my line of jet engines.

This week I contacted one of the agents listed on the website and registered my details. In the next day or so I will meet with the agent, whose role it is to help with drafting and submission of the application.

I was informed that those applications which focus more on research than development are more likely to get assistance. The scheme is not designed for simply commercialising existing ideas or research.

So far so good...

Except -- who was the idiot who decided that critical documents such as the "Evaluation Guidelines" and the printable "Application Form" should be provided only in MS Word format???

I think most regular readers are already aware of my disgust at using a proprietary format which is capable of carrying evil macro viruses.

What's wrong with Adobe Acrobat -- a format which has become the industry standard for portable documents and which represents a far lesser security risk to those downloading such material?

Software? Forget It
I've received correspondence from another reader who also contacted an agent to apply for one of these grants to help fund a software development project.

The agent advised him that he might as well forget it -- software development wasn't likely to receive funding.

I wonder if the INCIS and Terralink fiascos have created a knee-jerk fear of the risks associated with all software projects within government circles?

Or maybe it's just as the agent said -- "they're focusing on the 'R' rather than the 'D' with these schemes.

The Weekly Trickles Out
This week's edition of the Weekly has started trickling out. It will probably take a day or so before they're all sent but they're on their way.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and...

Did you tell someone else about Aardvark today? If not then do it now!

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