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Telecom Does A Microsoft
3:30pm NZDT
Just a few weeks ago the software giant Microsoft was humbled by a simple technical fault which highlighted the vulnerability of having all your eggs in one basket -- nameserver-wise.

Guess what -- Telecom appear to have done exactly the same thing and this afternoon the domain telecom.co.nz disappeared from the face of the Net because both of the nameservers used by Telecom are on the same network -- which is unreachable.

Great (big stupid) minds think and act alike?

And here's me offering my consulting skills this morning too! :-)

The Question That Wasn't Asked 14 February 2001 Edition
Previous Edition

It's great to see that the NZ Herald jumped on the reports published here last week in which I publicised that an IRD webcrawler had been spotted trawling a couple of local sites.

Herald reporter Michael Foreman did a good job in getting ahold of IRD IT manager Tony Lester and asking him what was going on -- then writing this story published in today's edition.

The IRD explains that the crawler is a link-verifier and not some covert attempt to identify possible targets for further IRD investigations -- sounds plausible to me.

But Michael -- in light of the IRD's response, why didn't you ask the question we're all dying to know:

"Does the IRD have any future plans to use web-crawling as a method of identifying those who may be evading their full tax obligations by trading over the Net?"

Of course anyone from within the IRD who is suitably qualified to answer this question is invited to submit their response directly to me through the contact form and I'll gladly relay the department's comments to Aardvark's readers.

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Domainz... - Tom

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The Question That Wasn't Asked... - Michael

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Stupid versus Stupid
Yesterday saw another battle of the stupid versus the witless as yet another virus ran rampant through the computers of the world's lame-brained Net users.

Every time I see reports of an email-borne virus blitzing its way across the face of the globe I am reminded of the oft-repeated scene from The Simpsons TV program which goes something like "Quit it, ow! Quit it, ow! Quit it, Ow!"

After the Love Bug ran rough-shod over the ranks of the moronic and their machines a year or so ago you'd have thought that all those who had been hit would have upgraded their software to avoid getting hit again. You'd have also thought that Microsoft and/or their dealers would have made absolutely sure that all the new versions of MS Outlook and all preconfigured systems were supplied with the patched version of this software.

Unfortunately -- it seems not.

New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Europe -- they were all hit again by one of the most predictable methods of virus delivery -- an executable attachment to an email.

If you know someone who got hit by this latest virus -- why not give them a "Kick Me Again" sign for Valentine's day?

Of course if the person writing the virus had half a brain they would have cashed-in on the fact that today is Valentine's day and made their email and attachment appear as if it were a virtual greeting card from an unknown admirer.

Boy, we're really going to be stuffed if someone with more than half a brain decides to write one of these viruses!

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Need proof? Try using the Tech Rentals website with Netscape 4.x! Duh!

Have you checked YOUR site yet? :-)

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