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Lighten Up 17 August 2001 Edition
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Million $ Ideas
At last, the contents of Aardvark's "million-dollar ideas" notebook are revealed for all to see!
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What should I put on the Fence
Here's a perfect example of how individuals can use the Net to promote whatever cause takes their fancy -- no matter how trivial or petty.

Making the culprits suffer!
The extraordinary lengths one man was prepared to go to in order to deal with a spammer.

How's Your Power Saving Going?
Are you still doing your bit to save power in the face of dwindling reserves?

Here's a web-site worth taking a look at if you want to keep an eye on the situation.

What a good use of the Net!

Net-License Gaining Favour?
As many regular readers will be aware, it's not unknown for ideas and observations which appear in this column later appear in other publications but I think Wired's publication of this story must be some kind of record in terms of Aardvark's head-start.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about -- take a look at this old column from nearly 18 months ago.

What is worrying is that there's every chance our politicians are also reading and maybe starting to think that this could be a good idea. Hey, maybe that's why so much money is being poured into the GCSB!

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Or, perhaps even more worrying than that little scenario, is the realisation that maybe Microsoft have realised the fact that sooner or later, governments are going to want to tighten the screws on people's Net activities -- and perhaps, just perhaps, the MS Passport is a very clever strategy for providing exactly the licensing system they'll want.

Imagine it -- no Internet access unless you've got an MS Passport and all websites will need to bar access to anyone who doesn't have a valid Passport.

Don't scoff -- who would have thought at the turn of the century that you'd need a license to drive one of those new fangled motor car things -- or that we'd need a license to own a gun?

These things have a way of creeping up on you and are easily justified by governments who can wheel out the old "for the public good" line.

Enjoy a "free" Internet while you can folks :-(

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