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Judge's Shocking Sex Surfing Scandal? 18 February 2002 Edition
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Yesterday, on another slow-news Sunday, the mainstream media sprung into life to bring us this story about a High Court judge who'd been caught visiting "sex" sites on the Net -- and today it's splashed all over the front page.

Why is this is so newsworthy?

Perhaps because it contains those two vital ingredients the media love to mix at every opportunity -- the Net and porn?

Or are our judges now supposed to be celebate and totally devoid of the normal interests and curosity that 99% of red blooded blokes experience?

Okay, so visiting something like "Sally's Co-ed Dorm Webcam" site using the high court's Internet connection might indicate that your'e perhaps not the sharpest knife in the draw -- but is it really such a scandal?

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From what we read, it wasn't kiddy porn, bestiality or anything else which might be deemed illegal and call into question a member of the judiciary's ability to judge the merits of others -- so maybe those who are complaining really ought to get a life.

I wonder if there'd have been the same level of outrage if the same judge had been found with a copy of Playboy in his briefcase or had been observed reading that magazine during his lunch break.

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  • Judge looks at porn site... - James
  • wasting tax payers money... - MrPinga
  • Sensible summary... - Paul
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    We're constantly being reminded that online porn is one of the big drawcards of the Net and it seems that a huge number of red-blooded kiwi blokes enjoy visiting sites containing the type of material you'd find on the magazine rack of any gas station or corner dairy. Doesn't this report simply indicate that the judge concerned is just a regular guy?

    Of course it might be argued that his use of the court's internet access was possibly a misuse of taxpayer money -- but then you'd have to ask whether he'd have been chastised for checking his personal email from work -- something which would be just as much of a mis-use.

    To be fair (isn't that what "justice" is all about?), won't the powers that be now demand that no court employee or official shall use the court PCs for any non-work-related Net access (including checking their personal email)?

    Or will they perhaps raid the homes of all judges looking for Playboy magazines because judges who like to look at naked ladies appear to be now now deemed to be of questionable character for the bench?

    What do you think? Is this really a big deal? Could the incident have been handled a little more reasonably (The Attorney-General, Margaret Wilson has ordered a report into the matter for goodness sake!)? Or should we demand that our judges are above reproach in every respect?

    Have your say.

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