How many NZers on the Net?
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson
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Who really knows how many people use the Internet in New Zealand?

Well there are a few who claim to have the answers but you would have to wonder how they get them.

In this story published today by Infotech Weekly some interesting figures are quoted.

The information, sourced mainly from AGB McNair seems to be very vague in terms of its frames of reference.

They say that only one in five people in NZ have never heard of the internet, still a surprisingly high figure.

In one section they claim that 188,000 have reportedly used the Net during the past month - but later they say that there are 300,000 "regular" users. Pray tell - what constitutes a "regular" user. Considering that most industry sources regard email as the most widely used component of the Net, this would mean that almost half our Netizens aren't checking their mail any more frequently than once ever couple of months!

One must also wonder why, if there are 300,000 regular Net users in NZ, why are the total number of dial-up ISP accounts estimated at no more than 50,000?

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