Row brews over email address database
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson
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Andrew Hooper continues to raise the hackles of some NZ Internet users with his recent emailing of an undisclosed number of IHUG subscribers using IDs taken from a list reportedly obtained while he was an IHUG customer.

In the latest turn of events, Hooper has refused a request from David Farrar to disclose the information being held against his name. Under the official secrets act Mr Hooper, as the compiler of such a database, is required to make the information held on an individual available to that individual on request.

When Farrar requested details of his own record in a usenet newsgroup recently, Hooper demanded a $15 processing fee and a postal address for the delivery of that info.

Farrar replied that $15 was excessive and beyond what could be deamed as a "reasonable expense" for providing such. He also refuted Hooper's claim that the information could not be delivered by email since there was no guarantee that Farrar was who he claimed to be.

At this point in time, Farrar intends to lodge a formal complaint with the privacy commissioner.

It would seem that Hooper has certainly started his new venture on the wrong foot, raising the ire of IHUG, many of its subscribers and a growing number of other Net users who do not totally agree with his methods.

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