Police raid house looking for Cyberporn
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Police raided an Auckland house yesterday in the search for Internet pornography. During the raid, computer equipment and disks were seized for examination.

No arrests have yet been made however the owner of the seized computer will be interviewed once it has been examined for pornographic images.

Apparently the search and siezure was the result of of an international investigation which was started after a Catholic priest in England was arrested on Paedophile charges and examination of his email indicated that he may have been exchanging child pornography over the internet with up to 13 people in 5 countries.

This action coincides with a significant increase in the activities of the IAD in the area of policing cyberporn within New Zealand and reports from a number of ISPs that they had been visited recently in an attempt to clamp down on access to such material.

IAD staff are presently in the USA being trained in new techniques for detecting and tracking the existance of computer porn. Currently undisclosed "hi tech surveylance" methods are being used to monitor IRC channels for the existance of NZers trading in cyberporn.

Steve O'Brien of IAD says that once an offender is detected through their activities on IRC, a search warrant is then executed on that user's ISP and the information obtained then used to identify a residential or business address.

O'Brien also acknowledges that this activity by IAD will almost certainly drive the cyberporn traders underground and says that one of the hardest jobs is dealing with and extracting the information found on seized computers.

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