New Java tookits announced
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After a very long wait, JavaSoft has announced the introduction of version 1.1 of the Java Development Kit along with a Commerce Toolkit for developing Net-trading applications and applets.

David Spenhoff, director of marketing at javaSoft said that users can now expect to see as much as a three-fold improvement in the performance of Java software.

While on the issue of performance, Symantec has announced the latest release of its JIT compiler for Java. Version 2.0 of the JIT offers to provide speed improvements of, in some cases, excess of ten or twenty times that of the existing SunSoft Java interpreter. Symantec has licensed their JIT to Netscape for inclusion in the next release of Navigator.

There are three major components in the new JDK and these address many of the concerns raised by programmers who are presently finding the limitations of the present specification hindering their development efforts.

Developers will be able to download a beta version of the new JDK from SunSoft's web site from the 9th of December with an "Early Access" version of the Commerce Toolkit becoming available the following month.

Net users should not expect to see any change in the way their Java applets run until sometime towards the end of the first quarter of 97.

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