Net "cops" flack for bombs
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson
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Yes, it's happening again. Police are claming that the recipie used to create the pipe-bombs in a recent spate of bombings in Auckland has come from the Internet. This has angered a number of people within the Internet industry who say that the leveling of such accusations is irresponsible and without proof.

On Radio New Zealand this morning, Internet Industry spokesperson, Jim Higgins, has replied with the same claims that have been given before by those who know: that bomb recipies are available from other sources and that the Net is certainly not the only, nor even the most accessible source.

For some reason these claims appear to fall on deaf ears and the Net-bashers look set to embark on another witch-hunt designed to bring the Net and its users into disrepute.

With the IAD renewing its attempts to crack down on child porn and the police reviving this old acorn, many are left wondering whether the responses of our government and its servants is born out of ignorance or fear of that which they do not understand.

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