Net Marketer asks ISPs to spam customers
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson
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The world is full of optimists, and this was proven when an Auckland ISP was approached by a "would-be" Net marketer this week with a proposal to sell Insurance to its subscribers.

In a move which the ISP considered to be bordering on a scam, Web World received a fax and email from an LifeCard implying that a deal had already been negotiated whereby Web World would carry an advertising banner and send email to all its customers promoting the LifeCard policy in return for a commission on each sale.

Peter Belt of Web World said "None of us has spoken to these people, let alone agreed to their proposal".

The email to Web World was signed by Glenda Lawrence (Office Manager), however when Aardvark rang the LifeCard 0800 number, nobody had heard of her. The LifeCard site appears to have been created by McLaw Networking which is in turn assocuated with HomePage, a site which Aardvark highlighted several months ago when their business directory carried a very comprehensive index to escort agencies and massage parlours - and little else.

Ms Lawrence seems to have a decidedly non-functional business web-page promoting the sales of Christmas hampers and flowers at http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~mclaw/ where banners labeled "click here" have no links associated with them.

No evidence has been uncovered to suggest that LifeCard themselves are even aware of the marketing activities of Ms Lawrence and it may simply be the ineptitude and ill-judged activites of Ms Lawrence and McLaw Marketing which have resulted in these ridiculous attempts to perhaps pull the wool over some ISP's eyes.

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