WDNZ is urging Web designers to "Keep it Kiwi"
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson
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When Clear launched their ClearNet web site recently, most of the comments were very favourable, however one complaint was voiced repeatedly - where are all the New Zealand Links?

WDNZ has announced an initiative to encourage New Zealand Web designers to link to other NZ Web pages ahead of those overseas.

There can be no doubt that NZ has some very talented people producing some extremely good work but this is often overlooked in a desire to show how cosmopolitan the Net can be.

As part of their "Keepin' it Kiwi" drive, WDNZ has created a Keepin' It Kiwi page which lists some of the best NZ Web pages and encourages linking to them.

Remember - if someone comes to your site and sees a link to Yahoo or AltaVista they're hardly likely to be impressed with your novelty or origninality. Give them a gateway to some of NZ's most interesting and exciting Web content however and your own page will gain value because of it.

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