Kiwis not good enough for Telco ISPs?
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson
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Californian Deborah Menagh has been appointed to the position of Manager at Clear Net. Menagh's contract commences on January 1st next year.

Coming from a strong background in the industry, including a 7 year stint at Sun Microsystems, Menagh has also "done time" at Arthur Andersen & Co.

I'm sure the NZ Internet industry wish her well in her new appointement however one must really ask the question, especially in the light of Telecom's recruitment of Chris Tyler to the role of Internet Manager - what's wrong with Kiwis?

The success of high-tech ventures such as Cardinal, Tait Communications, and others has shown that New Zealand does have a wealth of talent which is both innovative and competent in the technology and management areas.

Someone suggested to me that "You have to speak with an American accent to be taken seriously in the Internet industry".. I hope this isn't true.

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