Fight brewing over Voyager 0800 number.
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson
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Earlier this year Voyager pulled off a bit of a coup by getting the Wordnumber 0800 BUY EXTRA.

Well it seems that Telecom can't see the irony and is now demanding that Voyager relinquish the number or face court action.

In a letter to Voyager, Telecom have stated that they have the right to withdraw any number and replace with another, which would seem to be the easiest way to address the situation. However the also threaten litigation if Voyager doesn't relinquish the number voluntarily.

This fiasco almost (but not quite) matches that associated with the issue of the 0800 MAD COW number earlier this year.

Perhaps Telecom need a little computer program to display all the possible word-number permutations associated with a number before they issue them - although other sources indicate that since the introduction of word-numbers and the premium charged for their use, none of the 0800 numbers issued these days can be used to form any kind of words.

One must also wonder how long it will be before Telecom demand ownership of the domain extra.co.nz which is currently operated from an ICONZ server and is forwarding all email addressed to "extra.co.nz" to "xtra.co.nz".

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