Voyager - Same number, different name!
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson
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Earlier this week Aardvark reported the spat between Telecom and Voyager over the 0800 BUY EXTRA word-number which Voyager has but Telecom wants.

Voyager's marketing manager Phil Dagger contacted Aardvark this week to explain that the number concerned not only spells BUY EXTRA, but also BUY FXVOYAGER and is being used to promote their new Fax by Internet service. Dagger said "we wanted BUY-FAX but Telecom said it was reserved, so we had to go with the number we've got".

This, of course, may be true - but then again, given the long history of prodding and provoking which has gone on between Telecom and Voyager, it may be more than just coincidence.

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