Jobs back at Apple
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After getting the boot from Apple almost 12 years ago, it looks as if Steve Jobs is about to come back and oversee the updating of the Mac OS.

After recent hard-times, Apple now appear to be looking to restore some of the old spirit and drive which Jobs brought to the organisation, and what better way to do this than to bring back the guy himself.

The recruitment deal includes Apple forking out $350m to purchase Next, one of Jobs' startup ventures which ran into losses when it was unable to sell its proprietory hardware solutions into the general marketplace. Jobs does however keep control of his other enterprise, Pixar - the company which did the computer animations for the movie Toy Story.

It seems that the Jobs deal was an 11th hour event as Apple were reportedly close to signing a deal with Be for the provision of their operating system on the Mac. It seems however that Be got a little greedy and when they'd inflated their price to $400m, Apple started looking around at other options. After seeing Job's Next OS, they were impressed and even though Be subsequently dropped its asking price to $200m, Jobs got the deal.

In the light of recent poor results from Apple stock, investors have cheered the return of Jobs to the fold and stock prices jumped by over a dollar when the news was disclosed.

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