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Court rules in favour of Harrods over domain name contest
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson
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In the UK, a High Court ruling has seen the speculators who had grabbed the domain name harrods.com forced to hand it over to Harrods and pay costs.

Mr Michael Lawrie was found to be infringing Harrod's registered trade mark and guilty of "passing off" when he registered the name.

Here in NZ, the name harrods.co.nz is registered to Internet Marketing International, with Peter Belt of WebWorld being listed as the contact name.

Indeed, Belt has run advertisements in Aardvark promoting his private domain registry service, using harrods.co.nz as an eyecatcher.

Fortunately for Belt, he has already stated that he'll hand over the name without complaint or protest; should Harrods lawyers come calling. Unfortunately, this is no guarantee that Harrods won't take legal action anyway, simply to deter others who might attempt similar stunts with their intellectual property.

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