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IHUG sets Aussie rate at $25.95 a month
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IHUG's move into the Australian market is proceeding as planned according to Tim Wood of IHUG.

A price of AUD 25.95 a month will be charged for the 'Sapphire' account which is effectively an "all you can eat" option.

The web address of the Australian operation will be www.tig.com.au and Wood is confident that, from a technical perspective, IHUG's offering will be significantly better than its competition.

"Other ISP's can only manager 300cps in day time periods" claims Wood, who goes on to say "The national carriers will be the toughest to take on, but that's what I'm here for".

Wood is very much aware of the importance of marketing and claims that they have set aside a figure of $30,000 per month to "raise public awareness". This figure would seem somewhat insignificant however when compared to the $10 million that Telstra have budgeted for their "Big Pond". It would appear that we are set for a David and Goliath struggle in the land of Oz.

Some commentators have speculated that IHUG's "Summer Special", where subscribers get six months free if they pay a year in advance, is aimed primarily at generating extra cash to fund the Australian expansion.

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