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Eagle invests in FaxMail and Spectel
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Eagle has further strengthened its portfolio of Net-related activities with the announcing that it has taken a controlling interest in FaxMail and Spectel.

FaxMail's most recent activities have been in the area of Net commerce including the design and implementation of the SuperStore site which houses The Warehouse Online Direct.

FaxMail founder, Bruce Simpson believes that this is a very positive move for the company. "The mixture of Eagle's reputation and credibility in the market combined with the technologies and markets we've created will produce a very powerful synergy. I'm looking forward to fully realising the potential that this combination represents" said Simpson.

Spectel is a long-time player in the on-line information business, having made their database available electronically long before the Internet became popular. The Spectel database contains information of specific interest to the construction industry.

In making these announcements, Eagle has clearly indicated that it is taking the Internet as a very serious market in which it intends to develop a strong presence.

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