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ClearNet user spams NZ domains
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Aardvark has received a raft of reports from the administrators of many NZ net domains about an unsolicited emailing sent out apparently from a ClearNet customer.

The spam, addressed to the postmaster of most NZ domain names was promoting NZ Teleguide, a would-be EZine purporting to provide on-line TV programme listings and information.

When Aardvark visited the site, which is hosted by IHUG on their aptly named "crash" server, it soon became apparent that there is a huge amount of copyrighted information which seems to have been "lifted" from other web sites and sources. Also displayed are the trademarks of a number of organisations who are normally extremely protective of such things.

In an apparent attempt to disclaim any liability under copyright laws, the site has a paragraph which states:


This leads one to speculate that there may be a number of copyright and trademark infringements going on here.

Aardvark attempted to get a comment from the email address mentioned on the site but to date no reply has been received, I suspect their mailbox is already clogged to capacity with complaints.

This is not the first time a Clear account has been used to send email spam and also not the first time the party involved has also had an IHUG account.

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