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The world's first 'Global Online Whisky Tasting Event' is billed to go live today (14th, UK-time).

The site www.scotchwhisky.com is hosting the event where visitors and enthusiasts are invited to "join in and compare their whisky tasting thoughts with Scottish based whisky experts".

Chairing the event is Scotland's leading whisky writer and critic, Charles McLean and the official tasting panel will include notable whisky heavyweights such as Richard Gordon, of the Scottish Malt Whisky Society and Jamie Walker of Adelphi Distillery.

The organisers anticipate that over 5,000 whisky enthusiasts from all over the world will visit their multi-lingual site and join in the planned activities - but somehow I don't think it will quite be "just like being there", although this could be a real bonus on Saturday morning :-)

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