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NatRad takes to the Net
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Used to be that National Radio was "free to air" and free from advertising but if you're planning to use the Net to get your fix of Morning Report then that no longer applies.

As an adjunct to their AM broadcast service, National Radio has announced its move onto the Internet as one of the growing number of audio-sites.

The site will not be "free to Net", mainly because unlike the AM broadcast, there is no funding from NZ On Air and therefore revenues must be generated from advertising and pay-per-listen fees. An annual subscription will cost $100 with casual access available for $10.

The initial offering will be a slightly delayed feed of Morning Report, copies of which will be archived so that Net users can recall the contents of previous editions - although it's not known whether transcripts of the broadcasts will be made available for the hearing-impaired.

Later on it is planned to add the Kim Hill Show.

Heavy use is made of "bleeding edge" technologies such as Real Audio, ActiveX, Java and video on demand which may result in some disappointment when used in conjunction with anything other than a top-spec computer and fast modem (56Kbps will help a lot). In fact, it immediately becomes obvious that the site was designed and demonstrated on a system that had something more than dial-up access to the Internet - 14.4Kbps and 28.8Kbps modem users are likely to be disappointed with the speed, mainly due to the overhead of all the "pretty bits".

Attempts to contact the site at www.rnz.co.nz were unsuccessful this morning, the server possibly brought down by the load of many curious Net users.

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