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iPOC removes registrar limits on new domains
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8 May 1997

In response to demands from the Net community, iPOC (the interim Policy Oversight Committee) announced today that it will propose the removal of a limit on the number of registrars authorised to service top level domain names.

Initially it was proposed that there would be no more than 28 registrars drawn (by lottery) from 7 global regions.

The arbitrary limit was imposed to ensure that the organisation of the new system would be manageable during the early phases of operation.

Ever since the announcement that such registrar privileges would be allocated by lottery there has been widespread criticism of both the lottery and the limits. Although the committee agreed that the limits were undesirable, no alternatives had been devised - but this is now being revisited in an attempt to quell the uproar that has been generated.

Under a new proposal, the previously-published financial and technical qualifications mandated of a registrar would be retained but the limits on numbers and locations would be lifted. As a result of this revised stance, anyone satisfying the qualification requirements may become a registrar.

The details for the new arrangement have not yet been drawn up into a formal proposal but this is expected shortly.

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