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Professor Ho speaks out on the UCE
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27 May 1997

Professor Jim Ho, who is to present the seminar that was the subject of a recent unsolicited commercial emailing from within Auckland University has provided Aardvark with an official statement.

In an email to Aardvark, Professor Ho said:

"While I have no personal knowledge or involvement in the UCE originating from Auckland University regarding a seminar I am to present there, I do sympathise with those who find such mailings annoying or even offensive. To the extent of my understanding of the circumstances, I believe that this has been a case of ill-informed managerial decision rather than outright disregard of netiquette by an institution."

It is understood that Auckland University is taking action to ensure that a repeat of the UCE won't happen again. The people responsible for the UCE intend to apologise to all those who registered their displeasure at receiving the emailing.

There is no news yet as to whether anyone will be following Aardvark's suggestion to include a note advising against UCEs on the ISOCNZ site and on the list of domain names published elsewhere on the Web.

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