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ClearNet to launch Web-hosting service
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13 June 1997

ClearNet are about to launch their commercial Web hosting service "sometime next week".

The service, targeted at business customers, offers 10MB of storage and 200MB of traffic for $100 per month plus a $100 initial setup fee.

Customers can update their pages using FTP or Microsoft FrontPage with up to five IDs being given "WebMaster" status for performing such tasks.

When asked how ClearNet's service could compete against the rapidly growing number of US-based hosting services that provide more space and virtually unlimited traffic for as little as US$30 per month, Rodney Prescot of ClearNet emphasized that the strength of their product was that it is a local offering that promises a very high level of reliability, availability and support.

ClearNet are hoping to work closely with the local Web design industry to promote the service.

A service for the hosting of personal Web pages is planned for later in the year.

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