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More security for ASB Bank site
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23 July 1997

Observant Net users will have noticed an apparent anomaly when visiting the recently launched ASB Bank's on-line banking site at www.asbbank.co.nz

As would be expected of any site planning to offer on-line access to a user's banking information, a great deal of effort has been expended on ensuring that the site is secure and safe from hacking.

Aardvark found it rather odd therefore that since its launch, the Web page-based form which is used to accept a users "Customer ID" and password was completely unencrypted, not a secure server to be seen.

When contacted by Aardvark, Alan Mayo, Development Manager for ASB Bank's Electronic Banking services responded that this logon page would be handled by a secure server as of today, in time to coincide with the first users receiving their IDs and passwords.

At 7:50am this morning the page in question was no longer accessible, a "no response from server" message indicating that perhaps the upgrade was in progress.

"When this server is installed, it will not be possible to access the sign-on screen without our full 128bit security plug-in being active on the client PC" says Mayo. "The system will be fully secure for our first customers.

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